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Anagram Competition Results

These are the results of the competition that ended on the 31-Janary-2001. Hundreds of anagrams were submitted and many of the submissions are now immortalised in the archive.

The judges decided to split the prize money between two of the submitted anagrams. The anagrams were:

"President George Bush"="There's God! Superbeing!"
This anagram can be regarded as political satire - a reflection on the new US president's ego. Alternatively, it can be regarded simply as an exaggerated but positive statement about "the leader of the free world". Of course, the anagram could also apply to George Bush senior but despite some serious searching it appears that this anagram is original and was not unearthed during the last Bush presidency. Of course, the anagram also has the virtue of being topical.

"The Missionary Position"="The pair's motion is noisy!"
This one is self-explanatory! The word "the" can optionally be removed from both the source text and anagram.

Ron Simpson submitted the first anagram. Mick Tully discovered the second. They both win $250 each. Congratulations to both of them.

We are hoping to run a new competition in the near future. Eligible anagrams submitted to the archive before it is announced will be considered part of the next competition so there is no need to wait for the announcement.

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