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These are a few random anagrams taken from the thousands of gems generated by the Anagram Genius computer software (Windows). Naturally every anagram in this list is perfect: each letter is used once and only once. Why not try the software now by downloading a free trial version?

"George Bush" anagrams to "He bugs Gore!"

Also, "Republican National Committee" rearranges as "Inept ballot count: America mine!"

"Whitehouse Intern Miss Monica Samille Lewinsky" anagrams to "Hey! William Clinton arouses me. Hi! I'm Ken's witness!". "William Clinton" anagrams to "An ill clown: I'm it"!

"The Oprah Winfrey Show" -> "Oh wow! Fine hyper-trash!"

"William Shakespeare" anagrams to "I am a weakish speller"!!

"Tony Blair MP" anagrams to "I'm Tory plan B" and "Tony Blair" anagrams to "Tory in Lab."

Other UK political examples include (amongst hundreds) "Alistair Campbell" rearranging as "I'm a pest: call Blair!", "Liberal Democrats", "Creditable morals" and "The Conservative Party Conference" anagramming to "French contraceptive on every seat"!?

"President Saddam Hussein" anagrams to "Human disaster dispensed".

"Osama Bin Laden" rearranges as "A damn alien S.O.B." or "Old man in a base"!

There are literally THOUSANDS more examples. Why not add to them with YOUR NAME or those of your friends and colleagues by downloading the software???

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