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Acceptance Criteria - IMPORTANT

To be accepted for the Anagram Genius Archive your anagram must fulfill all the following criteria (it will be manually checked before being approved):

  • Extremely high quality. More than half the anagrams submitted are not sufficient quality to appear on the website (though some of lower quality may still be retained in the database). To find out what makes a good anagram please read this guide.
  • Natural wording of subject. The subject must be phrased in a familiar, natural way. It must not be contrived to make the anagram work. Generally subjects are nouns or noun phrases, phrased normally, though some other subjects are allowed (such as advertising slogans) if they are very familiar and phrased exactly as they are commonly used. The standards here are very strict for subjects. Even adding a single adjective or article to a familiar phrase can result in the subject being rejected. As a general rule if you find yourself adding words to the subject side of the equation to make the anagram work you have likely crossed the line.
  • Famous Subject. If the subject is new to the archive it must be of something sufficiently famous to merit a page all to itself. As a rough guide you should ask yourself whether at least 100000 people would recognise the subject without any explanation of what (or who) it is. The only exception to this rule are the names of contributors to the archive with more than 500 accepted anagrams. See the league table of top contributors.
  • Proper punctuation and capitalisation. Please use a sensible mixture of case and fully punctuate the anagram. Anagrams in ALL CAPITALS (Or Where Every Word Is Unnecessarily Capitalized) are especially irritating to the editor!
  • Non-alphabetic symbols should not be used. e.g. '&', '5', '%'... If the anagram doesn't work with the word substituted in ("and", "five", "per cent") using a symbol instead is "cheating". Commas can often be used instead of ampersands ('&') without affecting the anagram too badly.
  • Honest attribution. If someone else discovered the anagram you are submitting, please say so!
(e.g. saddam)
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