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Anaxamander Aristotle's Lyceum Asclepiades of Bithynia Battle of Thermopylae
Bias of Priene Chares of Lindos Chilon of Sparta Cleobulus of Lindus
Colossus of Rhodes Democritus of Abdera Eratosthenes Firefighters claim victory in Athens inferno
Ganymedes Grecian brothels Hellenic Heraclitus the Obscure
Hippocrates Homer wrote the Odyssey Oedipus Periander of Corinth
Perseus Philip of Macedon Piraeus, Athens Pittacus of Mytilene
Polyclitus Principle of Archimedes Pythagoras Rhea
Solon of Athens Southern Greece The mountain of Parnasus The Oracle at Delphi
The Parthenon in Athens The Peloponnesian War The Pythagorean theorem The Spartans military education
Venus de Milo

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