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  • alt.anagrams This is the oldest anagram discussion forum on the internet. As an old "news" (USENET) group it predates even the web (the link is via google but this link or other sources may work too.) Anyone is welcome, nobody is in charge and the discussion is anything and everything about anagrams! The group even has semi-regular pub meetings in London with regulars attending from the four corners of the globe. The alt.anagrams FAQ currently maintained by Anna Shefl is a good introduction to the group and contains lots of great information about anagrams as well.
  • The Anagrammy Awards. This site has some of the most extreme anagram fanatics out there and is probably the second best anagram site on the web (after this one!). They have plenty of anagram resources and a discussion forum where people post their anagrams and get nominated for a monthly competition in several categories (no prizes but plenty of glory). The competition was originally run on alt.anagrams but after some disagreements a number of years back a group of people decided to take it away to a private site where they could set their own rules and ban the rule-breakers (something that is very hard to do on a public forum). Since moving the organisers have put a great deal of effort both into building the site and making the competition work well. The forum isn't for everyone (it is a little cliquey) but if you love making anagrams and follow the rules you'll be welcomed. For some, it's a great alternative to the free discussion on alt.anagrams and the monthly competitions in numerous categories can become very addictive. If you contribute, don't forget to post your discoveries to the archive as well. The site also hosts some anagram software (called Anagram Artist) suitable for keeping track of the letters and suggesting words when making a very long anagram (e.g. anagramming poetry). When the letter count gets below a threshold it can also function as a (crude) anagram generator. Try it now!
  • William Tunstall-Pedoe personal site. William Tunstall-Pedoe is the creator of this site and the author of the Anagram Genius software. His personal site contains some anagram related and other material that may be of interest. Other sites using technology he played a part in include Evi e.g. anagrams of the meaning of life, Where to buy a tv set in London
  • . Also recommended is a great Peru tours and travel information site.
  • crossword tools contains an anagram generator based on Anagram Genius, an anagram solver and an amazing crossword clue solver that can solve and explain cryptic clues amongst other things. The site was developed by the William Tunstall-Pedoe the same person that developed this site.
  • The DMOZ anagrams category contains many other links (of varying quality) to anagram-related sites.
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